GIOVANNI  "Mr Amazing"



  A strong lyricist and a soulful R&B artist, Giovanni is making waves in the music industry! Born Christopher Blake, Giovanni is a Fort Worth, Tx native. His drive and passion for music was nurtured and groomed in church, where he grew up singing with his family and playing musical instruments. Since the age of 11, Giovanni spent days and nights freestyle battling in the streets and writing his own music. After high school, Giovanni Enlisted in the United States Army, where he continued to develop the discipline and focus which drives his passion for music.

  While most of us can never imagine combatting in a war torn Iraq, Giovanni served his country with pride and dignity. While serving in Iraq, Giovanni continued to write music and press on. After serving his country, Giovanni returned home and focused, full force, on building his music career. With the release of several successful mixtapes, he took on an aggressive schedule performing open mic concerts and showcases, producing, songwriting radio commercials, as well as ghostwriting for local artists.


  In 2005, Giovanni decided it was time to launch his own independent label, which he named Is It Live Records/ L.U.C. Productions. Giovanni has released available mixtapes, such as Fort Worth The Wait Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 which is available on online sites, such as ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. His highly anticipated album, The Introduction of #MrAmazing is scheduled to release Summer 2019. His hit singles Back It Up and Let Me Touch That are getting rave reviews and spins from Dj's from across the world! You will find some of his reviews from DJs from across the world at