Giovanni Mr Amazing

  • As a CEO/Rap Artist/Producer, Giovanni is making waves and creating a solid foundation in the music industry. Born Christopher Blake, Giovanni grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. His passion for music and dedication for developing his God given talent began in his youth while spending his time singing and playing instruments in church with his family. He pinned his first song at the age of 11. Early in his career he started battling other local artist in freestyle competitions and established a name for himself.


  • In early adulthood Giovanni took on a different battle and enlisted in the Army after high school spending his tour of duty in war torn Iraq. During his time serving our country he spent his down time developing his lyrical skills and preparing for his return home to focus on establishing himself in the rap game as an artist, producer and laying the groundwork for his label.     


  • In the early years of his return to the states Giovanni released his mixtapes: Fort Worth The Wait Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 and The Introduction of Mr. Amazing. These all created a buzz and gave him the foundation he needed to establish the type of name recognition that took him from a local artist to international artist, songwriter, and producer.


  • Giovanni takes his craft seriously and knew that he would have to take his time building his label and production company. Having spent the past 17 years fully dedicated to developing his label, Is It Live Records, along with his production company L.U.C Productions, Giovanni has not only built his music catalog, but he has worked to develop the careers of other artist.


Giovanni’s time in the entertainment industry has taught him the importance of knowing exactly where you want to go and the direction you want your music to take you. Giovanni has created a large fanbase and they are waiting for his upcoming release, The Untold Story of Mr. Amazing which includes the hit singles, New Phone Who Dis, and She Say It’s Real.  Giovanni’s music is available for all to hear, and you will definitely feel like it was worth the wait!